In This ultimate Roblox Guide you will learn all about Roblox the game and oprewards robux

With a big player base, Roblox reaches millions of players each month, and they have a lot in common. For example, every Roblox player is on a constant search for some free Robux, or Robux Generator. Roblox Music Codes

Anything that would help them acquire this precious in-game currency.

Roblox is one the most popular games worldwide, it rivals Minecraft, Wow in its fame and how it is spread all over the world.

I – What is Roblox?


If you reading this, we’ll assume you know what Roblox is, bust just in case, here is a reminder 

Roblox is a game creating platform, that offers players millions of games to play on,

The special part is Roblox also hosts games created by its player base.

In-game you have an avatar,  call it a character, you can use your avatar to interact with other players and explore the game.

II – What is Robux? 


Now, this is where the game gets interesting, as we mentioned above.

players all over the game are seeking free Robux. Simply cause Robux is the in-game currency for Roblox.

With this magical currency Robux (R$),

Players can advance better in the game and polish their Roblox experience.

By unlocking new games and new worlds, buying in-game items and abilities, and obviously customize their avatar with skins and special gear.

How to get free Robux? 


This is where things get tricky, there are indeed plenty of methods that can get you free Robux, but today we will focus on Free Robux Generator method.

But before that, here noticeable ways,  players can use to earn free Robux

1 – Invite a friend 

This is one is simple and easy and doesn’t require any special skills, simply the more friends you refer to play Roblox, the more free Robux you get.

2 – Purchase Robux

The most direct way of obtaining Robux is buying them from the Roblox store. Of course, you will have to spend money on that

3 – Builders Club

You can join Roblox Builders club and start creating your own games, that you can charge other players to play, and get a great load of Robux

4 – Participate in Giveaways 

Players can participate in Robux giveaways,

These giveaways are organized mostly on Roblox groups, and big social gaming platforms such as Reddit, Twitch, and Youtube

So if you lucky enough,  some Robux giveaways can make it rain with Robux


Not everyone likes to spend their own money or wait for luck to smile upon them, or don’t have the skills to create and design new games.

Some of us just wanna enjoy the game and shower in Robux without the hassle of it.

What is Robux Generator?

If you google search on your browser ” Robux Generator ” or ” Free Robux Generator “, a lot of websites will show up to you, promising you free Robux , one example is Robuxmania which indeed give free robux to players

First, none of them work they all deliver nothing but fake promises, there are only a few working Robux Generators out there that truly deliver on their word.

Today we present to you RobuxGenerator.Mobi, the latest and greatest Robux Generator, made by a private group of Roblox fan-base developers.

From the Roblox community to its community

How Does it Work? 

RobuxGenerator.Mobi, is a private Robux Generator made by a private Roblox group, it was made out for the public just at the beginning of 2020, and it was tested and proved to be working 100% legit Robux Generator.

What’s the catch?

Absolutely none. To benefit from it, simply, users have to link their Roblox account with the website ( No password will ever be asked) once that happens,

Players can perform some easy-to-do tasks such as downloading apps, watching videos, passing surveys… 


In exchange, players will get a big amount of Free Robux, as a reward for completing those tasks.


It’s quite simple, you choose your Robux pack, you complete the tasks that will be displayed to you,

Most of them won’t take more than 2 mins max, and all you have to do is lay back and wait for your free Robux on the Roblox account you linked in the beginning.

Is it Legal?

RobuxGenerator.Mobi, is 100% Legal and legit, it doesn’t compromise your personal information in any way,

all they ask is your Roblox account username and you’re set to go.

Plus your account will be 100% safe at all the time, that’s one of the special things about this encrypted Robux Generator.

Is the Robux you will get real?

Again, the Robux players get at the end of completing the tasks, is 100% authentic and real, and they can start using right away without worry.

This Free Robux Generator is the ultimate solution for players who don’t wanna waste money, or waste their time following events and giveaways.

IV – Roblox Promo Codes

Besides giving you free Robux directly RobluxGenerator.Mobi offers another way of legally obtaining Free Robux.

It also generates legit working Roblox promo codes, that players can redeem to get valuable in-game goods, items, and gear and of course Free Robux.

How to redeem your Roblox promo codes for Free Robux?

Players can visit the Roblox official website to submit and redeem their Robux codes by following the steps below:


  1. First Log-in with your Roblox account
  2. Visit the webpage we mentioned above Redeem Roblox Promotions
  3. Submit your promo code, and click redeem, this will naturally add the reward you got to your account

Disclaimer: make sure to use your code right away. because they expire real fast.

V – Conclusion

We’ll be covering any new methods of getting free Robux, so be sure to check back for any updates and additional cosmetics!

in the meantime we hope our guide on Robux Generator was helpful, Thank you for reading.